Take a tour from Puerto Vallarta to the Marietas


Take a tour from Puerto Vallarta to the Marietas Islands You will have fun!

When traveling to Puerto Vallarta you will find different reasons to fall in love, for example: a gastronomy that will delight all your senses, the warmth of its inhabitants and also the hundreds of things you will have to visit, but without a doubt what amazes and wonders the tourists of Puerto Vallarta the most is the natural charm of its beaches, which are surrounded by the Sierra Madre. 

One of the pillars of this city is its great natural attraction and its beaches, some of them can only be accessed by sea, others are located in remote places far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or there are even some that you can only access by taking a snorkeling tour, are you wondering what they are? Find out from Travel Raintree

If you have already decided to spend your vacation in Puerto Vallarta, you should take a day to make a tour of the Marietas Islands and of course, also visit the hidden beach or the beach of love; one of the most famous and requested beaches in the region. 

How to get to the Marietas Islands?

The Marietas Islands are located a short distance from Banderas Bay and offer many reasons to visit them, the only way to get there is by taking a tour that lasts approximately 2 hours, your trip can start from the Puerto Vallarta Marina, Nuevo Vallarta Marina or other places.

What to do during the tour to the Marietas Islands?

No matter if you are traveling with your family, friends or partner, taking a tour to the Marietas Islands is a must when you travel to Puerto Vallarta. Pack your sunscreen (eco-friendly), your most comfortable clothes, swimsuit and a hat. It's time for fun! 

Before embarking on such a fun mission you should know two things, the tour to the Marietas Islands has become a favorite among national and foreign tourists, so if you want to do it, it is necessary to book it in advance. The tour is divided into two; the one that includes a tour of the Marietas Islands and the other one where you will be able to enter the famous Playa Escondida or Playa del Amor, but don't worry, we will explain everything, so you will be prepared during your tour to the Marietas Islands. 

Marietas Islands Tour

If you are traveling with small children or senior citizens, this part of the tour will be your favorite. During your tour you will be able to visit the beaches surrounding the outside of the island, among them Playa La Nopalera, a crystal clear beach with fish of all colors. Also, if you travel from December to March you will have the opportunity to enjoy humpback whale watching. If you are feeling adventurous during your tour you can snorkel or paddleboard outside the islands. 

Tour to the hidden beach or love beach

This is the most requested tour of all, you will have the opportunity to visit this natural paradise for 30 minutes, we recommend you to schedule this tour in advance, since for the preservation of marine life, only 116 people are allowed to enter per day. 

The only way to access the beach of love is swimming, that's right... Swimming! So leave out your fear, put on your life jacket, and swim a little. This beach is ideal for snorkeling, sunbathing, and a little exploring. You will have the opportunity to see beautiful birds and feel completely disconnected from the world. A unique experience that you must live at least once in your life. 

Whichever tour to the Marietas Islands you wish to take, you will enjoy some of the best snorkeling, bird watching and whale watching in Puerto Vallarta. When visiting the Marietas Islands it is important to be responsible with the environment, fishing is completely forbidden, as well as walking on the rocks and access is controlled to protect the flora and fauna of the place. 

On your next trip be sure to visit this natural beauty, whether you make the trip on a private boat or take a tour, we assure you will have fun!

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