Hiking in Puerto Vallarta, from Boca de Tomatlán to Las Animas


Hiking in Puerto Vallarta, from Boca de Tomatlán to Las Animas

When you hear Puerto Vallarta, the first thing you think of is its paradisaical beaches of golden sand, incredible sunsets, its perfect climate and its vast gastronomy. You can even imagine yourself eating a delicious ceviche or shrimp pozole under a palm tree or in the lounge chairs of Club Regina Puerto Vallarta. 

Puerto Vallarta also offers you the tranquility of the outdoors, the contemplation of nature, the great personal satisfaction of overcoming challenges and the healthy sensation of exercising your body. All this in the most organic way possible: hiking

What is hiking?

Hiking is synonymous with walking on foot. The degree of difficulty is not usually high. It is a mixture of physical activity and tourism, which takes place mainly in natural environments, such as Puerto Vallarta, where you will appreciate beautiful scenery and impressive waterfalls.

Hiking in Puerto Vallarta, Which are the best routes? 

This Puerto Vallarta hiking adventure begins in Boca de Tomatlan, a well-known fishing village located 30 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta. This town, besides being the beginning of what will be your hiking adventure, is perfect for those who wish to experience a more cozy atmosphere of Puerto Vallarta. 

This is the most popular hiking circuit in Puerto Vallarta, and although there are guides available for the route, you can easily take a bus from downtown and head to the fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan, where your adventure will begin. The hike from Boca de Tomatlan to Las Animas is a beach circuit with a little difficulty at the beginning, but it is suitable for all levels, that is to say, it does not matter if you are not experienced or if your physical condition is not the best; you will surely be able to walk it without any problem, the trail is well-marked and along the way you will probably meet other tourists.

For almost 3 hours you will walk through the jungle and along quiet and practically empty beaches, each with a unique charm, here you can read all about what awaits you in each of them: 

Boca de Tomatlan to Las Animas Beaches

Boca de Tomatlan

In Boca de Tomatlan you will enjoy the beach, the bay and the sea, the waves are gentle and will allow you to enjoy a dip, if you still do not want to dive into the sea, you will have fun just relaxing on the shore of the bay where you can also eat delicious food in one of the rustic restaurants in the area, perfect for buying a drink or two to start your hiking route. 


After walking for almost 2 kilometers you deserve a nice break, and you will have it at Playa Colomitos; this is undoubtedly a little piece of heaven for nature lovers, you will find yourself on a beach of clear and soft sand, with beautiful emerald green waves, and a small stream with a waterfall that escapes from a lush tropical jungle. It is ideal for snorkeling, kayaking or just swimming for a while. 

Remember that you can also have a snack at the restaurant, so you can continue your hike hydrated and with a full stomach. 

Madagascar Beach

Madagascar Beach will be perfect to take a break and sit on the soft white sand to rest, relax, sunbathe in the hammocks or maybe try your hand at paddleboarding. 

As we get further into the hiking route, the restaurants and stores become fewer and fewer, so it is good to be prepared with water and snacks to continue on your way. 

La Troza Beach

One of the best kept secrets of Puerto Vallarta, this beach is impeccable, the water is crystal clear and the sand is white and soft, it is an oasis that you will enjoy whether you decide to swim for a while or just continue on your way, whatever your decision is; the scenery you will see will be breathtaking. 

Caballo Beach

Playa Caballo is surrounded by vegetation, fine light yellow sand and emerald waters, this combination of colors creates a spectacular panorama to enjoy and swim. It is the quietest of all the beaches, since it is not very common for water cabs to arrive here. 

Your reward for finishing the hiking route will be to arrive at Las Animas Beach, the most touristic of all the beaches. Along the hike, you will be able to enjoy typical Puerto Vallarta dishes, sunbathe or take a dip. At the end of your hike, you will surely find yourself exhausted, but don't worry; you can take a water cab that will take you directly back to Boca de Tomatlan. After a long day, what you want is to be pampered and at Club Regina Puerto Vallarta we know how to do it. 

Stay at Club Regina Puerto Vallarta

Your hike has come to an end, it's time to rest at the best hotel in Puerto Vallarta; Club Regina

You can sunbathe in one of our beachfront lounge chairs, or treat yourself in our spa; a massage after hiking will be ideal for you to rest like a baby in one of our rooms. Don't wait any longer, check out our offers and book your room at Club Regina Puerto Vallarta.


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