Celebrate Thanksgiving with Raintree


Celebrate Thanksgiving with Raintree

Winter is just around the corner, the streets are full of dry and crunchy leaves on the ground and the first hints of cold are appearing; it's time to say goodbye to the warm summer sun and there's no better way to do it than by taking a break from daily life. 

November is an ideal month to travel, and it also carries with it some very important dates, can you guess which ones? We’ll give you a hint: some very awaited deals that always make an appearance around this time of the year… Did you get it? That’s right! We’re talking about the Buen Fin weekend and Black Friday.

Both dates represent the beginning of Christmas-time shopping, and offer incredible deals, interest-free months and many other discounts, available for those who love getting into the Holiday spirit.

So read along and learn a little more about these dates, and make the most of your dream vacation at Raintree. 

Discover the Buen Fin weekend at Raintree

The Buen Fin weekend is a Mexican initiative that began in 2011 to create marketing opportunities and to boost the economy, as the year comes to an end. It also kicks off the holiday season, and gives you the perfect argument for buying that thing-y you’ve been eyeing all year.

If you want to spend Christmas feeling as warm and secure as when hugging your family, why not make a trip to the beach? Or fill your camera roll with photos of the impressive natural Arches of Los Cabos? Or enjoy a long and relaxing walk with your family, friends or partner on the boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta? You can also visit downtown Oaxaca, or the Plaza de la Danza, which is just a few steps away from our Hotel. Last but not least, if you want to relax on the soft sand and swim in the sea, our club in Cancun is your perfect choice. 

At Raintree, we want to make you happy, no matter the place you’re in. In this Buen Fin, we invite you to visit us at the destination of your choice. We will welcome you with open arms and a great discount. So, if you decide to stay 2 or more nights, you can enjoy up to 58% off on your rate. Also, if you decide to cancel 2 or more days before, you will be refunded the full amount! Remember that this rate is only valid when booking online. You can do it by clicking here. 

Raintree thanks you for another year with you

November is finally here, and we all know what it means: it's time to give thanks for all the happiness received during the year, and celebrate with your family all your achievements. Surely, you can imagine cooking a delicious turkey, enjoying the feast and at the end, watching the soccer game. Well, why not change the plan this year? You can spend Thanksgiving with your family, your other half or friends in one of our fantastic resorts and the next day wake up, visit the nearest mall and go crazy during Black Friday!

We have resorts for all your travel needs. If you want to party, blast some music and have fun, you can go to Polo Towers in Las Vegas, where we assure, you will have a terrific time. If, on the other hand, the desert is not your thing and you prefer something a little bit more traditional, travel to Canada and stay at Whistler Resorts to enjoy a ski-trip and have a delicious dinner. From end to end, Raintree has it all.

Take advantage of this Black Friday sales and stay in our resorts longer. For more than two nights, you can have up to 51% off. Let the year approach its closing the best way, by having the best time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving. 


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