Park City, the world's best snow.


Park City, the world's best snow.

Picture yourself in a huge salon, sitting in front of the warm fireplace, sipping a delicious cup of hot chocolate and maybe enjoying a muffin; in the background, the sunset is falling over a mountain full of snow. It's all peace and quiet as you enjoy planning your ski route with your family, friends or your other half. Sounds like a great plan, doesn't it? You can make it happen in Park City.

For those of you that love to have fun in the cold, spending a vacation in the snowiest place in the world will be the perfect plan for you. Park City is one of the most important tourist attractions in Utah. It is famous for hosting one of the most prestigious film festivals, the Sundance Film Festival, and the landscapes it offers are exquisite.

Things to do in Park City

Park City has plenty of activities to do, from an incredible gastronomic offer, dog sled rides, fishing and for the more adventurous, Park City has more than 330 trails to try your skill with skis or a snowboard. It doesn’t matter if you have experience or not, there is room for everyone.

Slide on the best snow in the world 

Just imagine skiing on the best snow in the world, this is only possible in Park City. Park City's snow is light and fluffy, you'll feel like you're gliding on clouds. This is due to the conditions and the lack of humidity in the environment. Utah's weather conditions make it perfect for a variety of snow sports and activities. 

Whatever your level of snow skills is, Park City will offer different activities for you and your companions to enjoy. If you want to see the amazing mountains, enjoy the snow around you and get a bit of physical activity going, how about a bit of snowshoeing? Embark on an adventure and do some hiking. You'll get some exercise, and it's a perfect activity for the whole family.

Whether you're travelling with kids or just want to feel like one again, tubing is all you need for a remarkable afternoon. Instructors will take you to the starting point, and you'll gently slip down the hill. All the trails are lighted, so you'll be able to enjoy this activity at dusk, and you'll see breathtaking scenery!

And let's not forget the main attraction. If you want to show off your skiing talents, Park City will be your snowy paradise. In the mountains you'll find hundreds of trails for all levels, you can even take lessons, if you've never skied before; there's even the opportunity to hire a former Olympic competitor to give you a tour of the mountain! 

You will definitely find the fun you're looking for at one of Park City's 3 most famous snow sports resorts. 

And while the city's main attraction is snow sports, it's not all skis and mountains. You'll find cultural heritage and history on practically every corner, with 64 heritage-listed buildings on the main street itself, all of them offering a glimpse into the authentic mining past that still permeates the streets of this wonderful town.

Where to stay?

After a busy day on the snow, getting back to a warm and cozy place will be your number one goal. Chill out in front of the fireplace and have a delicious drink while you talk to your family, friends or significant other about how much fun your day was. You can also visit the spa or sauna to end the day resting every inch of your body. You can enjoy all of this in our Park Plaza rooms, only a few steps from Main Street.

But if you're in the mood for something more mountainous, you can enjoy The Miners Club, a magnificent country-style setting where you can rent a bike, relax in front of the private fireplaces in our rooms, or if the weather permits, you can enjoy our swimming pool. 

It's time to pack your warm clothes, hats and gloves and visit the number 1 destination for snow lovers. 


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